A Representative Panel for your Market Research Projects

Precision. Results. Reliability.

Thanks to the MBAweb Panel, we possess an incredibly varied sample of panellists ready to be polled for your research projects. Whether you want to conduct a general poll, or need specific profiles, the MBAweb panel guarantees quick and precise completion of your projects.

MBAweb Panel Details:

  • 34k members and growing
  • Average participation duration: 19 Months
  • Attrition rate: 12,7%
  • Average participation rate: 23,6%
  • Entirely dedicated to market research and social research.
  • Built on the principles of geographic coverage and representation.
  • Recruited using reliable, monitored, in-house sources (on-line or by phone).
  • Meticulously managed reward and participation strategies, beyond best-practices.

The MBAweb research panel covers all 17 administrative regions, and all 6 CMA’s of the province of Québec, and assures our presence on the entire territory. Additionally, we offer a variety of sampling methods, by city, by region, even by postal code; whatever your research needs may be, we can target your projects with pinpoint precision.

If you need to go beyond the province of Québec, our network of accredited partners covers the entire continent of North America and Europe, allowing us to meet the needs of even the most ambitious research projects.

Our panel experiences continuous growth through certified on-line and off-line recruiting campaigns: this assures that the profile of our panel remains stable through time, and avoids the potential biases that come with recruiting per wave.

Don’t settle for anything less than results that are timely, actionable, reliable, and precise.

MBAweb Panel Quality:

To ensure the highest levels of data quality in your projects, as well as maximize data noise-reduction, MBAweb uses a 5-tiered validation protocol (5TVP):

  • Panellist profile data-matching
  • Cognitive logic checking
  • Extreme integer checking
  • Length analysis (to catch speedsters)
  • Random telephone validation of panellists