a Deep Understanding of the Motivations, Feelings, Perceptions, and Reactions of Targeted Groups

Experience. Professionalism. Results.

The art and science of conducting, organizing and moderating focus groups and other qualitative market research projects goes beyond simply following industry guidelines.

MBA Recherche is a fully certified and accredited leader in qualitative market research, but we go one step further, we constantly strive to perfect industry standards, from recruiting, to presenting results; we lead by example and work together with the MRIA in order to establish industry norms and best practices.

MBA Recherche can oversee and execute any phase of any qualitative research project. Beyond focus groups, we can organise on-location interceptions, test your products using eye-tracking technology, put together qualitative face-to-face interviews, and meet any and all of your qualitative market research needs.

MBA Recherche has everything you require to ensure that your qualitative research needs are met with success, all under one roof, performed and executed by recognised experts in the field.